Inspiring People

INSPIRING PEOPLE is one of I AM LDN FAMILYs branches dedicated to workshops, conferences, meetings and other events that support our overall mission of inspiring and motivating young people never to give up on their dreams.



18 JUN 2016

The road to success always is and will be different for each and every one of us, simply because we all have our own, unique story attached to it. What on the other hand unites us in this diversity is our natural need for inspiration, motivation, support and recognition for all the ups and downs that life has in store for us. I AM LDN FAMILY is here to inspire you to slay your dreams, and all we ask of you is never to give up.

#NOWYOUKNOW: The topic for this event was inspired by the title of the book, which INSPIRING PEOPLE are currently writing as their contribution and dedication to our overall social mission. Join us at our upcoming #CEOSUPPERCLUB to know how you can contribute to its content.

Speakers: 3

Sorted in order of speech delivery:

Mauria Fransishku (Founder and CEO, I AM LDN | MA Politics and Government of EU, LSE), Sahil Verma (Intern/I AM LDN FAMILY Ambassador | BSc Economics, University of Southampton), Caleb Storkey (CEO, Storkey Media | Expert, Linkilaw)

Chair: Mauria Fransishku (Founder, #CEOSUPPERCLUB)

Features: Date with CEO, Linkilaw Legal Surgery, Inspiring Speeches

Total guests: 30

Location: The Pill Box Kitchen, Bethnal Green, London, UK




04 MAY 2016

An event dedicated to Women Empowerment and hosted by a panel of six successful and ambitious female leaders happy to share their road to success stories as means of inspiring and motivating.

#NOWYOUKNOW: In contrast to what a usual Woman Empowerment event anticipates,  majority of the seats at this event were held by male guests.

Speakers: 6

Sorted in order of speech delivery:

Ani Manukyan (Founder, Hopeana), Sabrina White (Member, Chatham House| UN, Visiting Lecturer in International Relations and MUN coordinator, Regents University), Ameerah Ibrahim ( CEO and Founder, The Gold Royale Group), Jae Raux (Founder of Fiena Brand Management & Events| Committee Member, The Hospital Club), Millie Cooper ( Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director, MilliOnAir| Co-Founder, The Branding Initiative), Alexandra Isenegger (CEO, Linkilaw)

Chair: Mauria Fransishku (Founder & CEO, I AM LDN)

Features: Inspiring Speeches, Discussions with questions and answers from both panel and guests.

Guests total: 24

Location: The BULL, Westfields, London, UK