Club & event updates

You must be wondering where we have been and what happened to our previous name?

Dear members and guests,

The name change came about following an IP conflict, which took over our club operations almost straight after our 1st session in November 2016, when a company with over 10 years of experience expressed their concerns regarding our potential to become their future competitors. We strongly disagreed with their “similar activities” statement, as our aim was never to create a club for millionaire CEOs, nor free-ride on anyone´s brand name. Not sure, if we were to feel incompetent being accused of having mutual Linkedin contacts and creating confusion of the two brands based on the words supper and club. Or on the contrary flattered, for making their Head of Strategic Development worry of our fast-growing potential. Either way a lesson is learned and this process just made us stronger, reminding us of fierce competition and reality of start-up operations.

We strongly regret our inability to inform you of this news earlier, but the legal mitigation has been concluded only a couple of weeks ago and all though we did our best to keep our initial name, the financial superiority of our counterparts has been too overwhelming to take on.

We are now glad to confirm that the issue is fully resolved and we are back in business, preparing our next coming June 2017 session.
One door closed, another door opened and we are grateful to the heroes at the World Ends Market for their offered sponsorship of #CEOCOLLECTIVE. This Chelsea-based restaurant will from now on be the home for our dinner sessions offering the same concept with networking, inspiring speakers and challenges, but much better prices. Our tickets will now be 25-30% cheaper than before!

Finally, we want to assure you that even though our brand name has changed, we will stay true to our core values and vision. Our focus will remain on fostering and promoting social value and impact and bridging the social gaps by uniting current, emerging and aspiring leaders.

Together with our new name, we will also introduce a new logo, and our website is now changed to note that this name change is already implemented across all of our social media accounts and your future email notifications will likewise reflect such.

We hope for our new name to be nowhere less effective than the previous one and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have following this announcement.

With love,
Mauria & the Team

#ceocollective @ceocollective