Club & event updates


Many thanks for all of your kind messages and participation requests following our PROGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP: DEMO SESSION. Same goes for those who got in touch and joined our informal meet-ups this week. Please expect all news and updates be live on the website by the end of the year.

In the meantime, please be invited to take part in our holidays inspired #SANTASLEADERS campaign, which we aim to launch as a social impact challenge around the world. Join the forces to spread the LOVE to those who need it the most this Christmas while supporting our clubs social mission and gaining more visibility and brand awareness for your businesses and organisations. Choose to take part by completing the form below or donate towards the expenses. All donors are entitled to full expenses report.


Finally, please complete this short SURVEY to help us improve!




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Target audience: Homeless, youth, children, elderly, people from vulnerable backgrounds, minorities, people with disabilities, etc. Examples: Street targeting with food, clothes, personal interaction and inspiration; volunteering, FREE/discounted services and offers